Jade Regent

The Fortunate and the Damned

Running through chamber after chamber in the deepest basements in this vile Pagoda, the Scions of Amajitsu finally reached the inner sanctum of Munasukaru.

Coming across a torture chamber of sorts, Hazuki and the others found leprous humanoids bound to the walls with bite and torture marks spread throughout. They were howling and quite mad with insanity and depravity. And spread among them were humans and elves, malnourished and beaten somewhat but otherwise unharmed.

Rushing to let them out, Hazuki and Eolion reached out and unlocked them from the prisons. But their freedom was short lived.

“Wait a minute, if we let them out, they will be cut down before we can get them out of there!” exclaimed Eolion. “Not that I care what happens to these foul humans anyways.”

“What so you want to put them back into these tight cages filled with maggots and bones?” retorted Arianna. “That’s hardly fair.”

An elf that was huddled in the corner then stepped forward, holding his ripped tunic up and together, trying to feign dignity. “I lead them. I can fight. No need to place us back in there. Just give me a weapon!”

Carrying a large backpack had its benefits as Hazuki unrolled it showing a smattering of recently acquired weapons from the Withered Blossom warriors.

“They smell – but they will protect you,” Hazuki bluntly stated.

Turning, the Simian, Stryx, and others armed themselves again and trotted down the long marble covered hallway.

Finding one door that led to a library full of history and Jade gemmed items, they pocketed as much as they could and headed toward the Guard Sanctum of the Oni.

Sisters of the Broken One – once again the foul monsters were ready, But the company of Scions were too much for them, eventually a loud crackling ball of lightning finishing them off in to burning smoking ash.

The room ahead lay in front of them – and Munasukaru waiting.

Quietly peering into her chamber – Hazuki and Eolion saw an old Tian woman – talking to herself as she sat eating the crackling skin of a tortured Aranea.

Walking in, she paid no attention to the heroes until Arianna’s Blender of a raptor was upon her slicing a chunk out of her skin.

Screaming she tore out of her elderly woman skin and arose a tall disfigured Oni brandishing a large Nagaditu She took the air jumping inverted above the raptor and attempted to cut its head off.

But she faltered. She dropped the flat end of the bladed part of the weapon on to the ground and the force of it ripped through her as its thundering ability backfired. Munasukaru appeared glazed over and dazed – unable to fight back and stunned, she watched in horror as Hazuki, Tenzen and the others tore huge gashes into her stripping her armor and her flesh.

Then from the room beyond, Iuzme stepped and prepared her alchemical bomb – lovingly preparing it complete with a lavender tassle to help it sail right as she lobbed into the air, she hit the creature In a most vulnerable spot.

The effect was devastating. Its explosive and smoldering contents spilling all over her with such intensity, that a few short seconds later, there was little left of the Oni – other than a smitten ruin of a body.

Eolion quickly burned it and after retreating with the spoils of her body and the tortured souls in the guard room, the Scions headed back out to the waiting Kami and the next leg of their journey to confront the Jade Regent and restore Minkai back to the people.



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