Jade Regent

The Nine & The Flame

Now that the Geisha has been rescued and restored to life, the nobles of Sakekabi had but one final request. To end Sennaka’s rule as governor. Before leaving the elaborate Tea House of the Geisha’s, the Amajitsu Scions were introduced to Senakka’s younger brother Ityuru. Being a samurai himself, his code forbid him to take action against his zealous and hateful brother. Though powerful, he told followers of the heir apparent that if his brother died in combat or otherwise surrendered. Others would follow.

But like all other samurai, most were bound my code to serve the unlawful governor and his lackeys. Removing him would be difficult. But late word has arrived indicating where the governor is and how the followers of Ameiko may be able to claim a victory. One that would ensure a united front against the usurper: the Jade Regent himself.

Ityuru sat down and motioned for everyone else to do the same.

“My brother is headed for a small outpost here, " pointing to a crudely drawn map. "This outpost contains warm water springs that have small medicinal properties, and an overall pleasure my brother Sennaka wants to keep to himself.

Pouring himself more tea as Nemkitu and the others were also being given their cups as he continued to explain.

“The outpost is located three days ride south of here among hilly and heavily forested terrain. The workers have carved out a small road that links to the main Approach road to the west. Where the help comes in is critical. My sources say Sennaka is on his way there now, and embedded with the outpost workers are a faction of samurai calling themselves the Nine.”

Taking a sip and gauging everyone’s facial responses, he continued:

“This outpost has several groups of samurai loyal to my brother – though they too are disenfranchised by Sennaka.. IF you could coordinate with them, their assistance would garner victory for all and with a minimum loss of life. Remember: The samurai already in the outpost are loyal to Sennaka, but would easily turn to support me once he has been removed from power. Do your utmost to save those lives as well. They will become valuable allies in the long run.”

Standing up, he gave Nemkitu the map and wished everyone a fast victory.

Course what he didn’t mention was his powerful samurai brother had a side kick. An ogre mage that rarely left his side.

The next few days riding up to the forest side road went uneventful. Leaving their horses, Eolion, Hazuki and the others made their way along the narrow dirt trail until coming to a populated work camp of sorts about a mile from the outpost. Apparently Sennaka has been renovating it and expanding it to serve his personal needs and wants. But was the governor there yet or was he still on the road to the south?

Culling through the work camp, Nemkitu discovered quickly that the rumored Nine were in disguise as workers, Not only that, they had set up an ambush for when the governor arrived that would effectively block the side trail from any reinforcements from reaching the outpost.

As night fell, Eolion began a slow circle of the area before landing back at camp among the trees.

“Aside from the stench of humans this place wouldn’t be so bad.” He pondered almost to himself. Then his eyes lit up, as if newly cooked food was brought to him.

“Ahh its brutal but it will work.”

“What will work?” asked Shilirana brushing her hair nervously.

“What if I drop alchemical flasks and oil on this place, torching it. It could be a hazard to fight through but it would be absolute chaos to this governor and his minions.” smirked Eolion.

The group thought about it – the Nine weren’t too pleased as it posed a risk to some who were innocent soldiers but given the alternatives , it would make victory easier.

As soon stars began filling the sky, Hazuki, Nemkitu and the others snuck into the outpost weapons drawn, as Eolion began to make a very large fire in a place ripe with tinder. And as expected: chaos ensued!



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