Jade Regent

Three Monkeys

With the crowded market now empty following the battle with these oni police, the Scions turned their attention to a well decorated 2nd floor restaurant where representatives of the a few ninja clans were reportedly inside waiting for them.

After gathering the Oni’s weapons, the troop made their way upstairs and into the restaurant. The walls were adorned with lavish tapestries from various locations throughout Minkai, some were beyond workmanship. A stone fountain with lilacs and water that seemed to be drawn upstairs somehow to fill the basin, took up much of the lobby. Smells of incredible Tian food were aplenty and as nervous as some of the party was with meeting these ninja, their stomachs didn’t seem to care.

“Ah, our guests have been expecting you. Please follow me.” a young tian woman held a small tray with tea cups on it and gestured for Hazuki, Nemkitu and the others to follow her to the back of the restaurant.

A large screen separated this dining room from the rest of the place. It was private and had subdued lighting. Along the walls were portraits of various tian nobles, and there were bronze sconces also with elegant lit candles inside them.

A large long table filled most of the room, with comfortable seating at either end – enough for a good twenty people. On the table were places set for the exact number in Ameiko’s party, the table itself set with appetizers, fresh seafood, rolls, and other hot plates.

Across from where Ameiko and the others would sit – sat three ninja – each adorned quite differently from the other. A woman, with the Dragonspawn clan, a tian man from Emerald Eyes, and finally another, hard to tell his origin, but his affiliation bore that of the Black Lotus. The woman spoke first:

“Welcome, please be seated. We have heard that you require our services for a contract. Please eat and we can discuss.”

Ameiko took the center seat with her companions sitting on either side, the exception being Shelelu, she remained standing near the archway to this dining room keeping a keen watchful eye on these so-called ninja. Something the three ninja sitting here seemed to acknowledge and admire, they took no offense.

“We understand that we and those we represent have a common enemy,” began Nemkitu.

“What enemy would that be?” the Dragonspawn ninja asked innocently.

“The Jade Regent and his allies,” Nemiktu replied his eyes steady on hers.

She seemed surprised at the mention of this adversary but nonetheless conducted herself as she always did.

“We do not fear him, but suffice it to say he has caused a substantial rift in our activities throughout the region. Though I do not doubt what you say, understand we cannot make this decision ourselves. A fee of 100gp from you is required before we can bring your proposal to our leadership. And given the brevity of what you claim. Why would outsiders wish to help anyone here?”

Hazuki put her glass down and just blurted, “After the year of hell it took to get here? Where do I start? We were asked initially to come here and right a wrong. But we need yours and others help. The ronin of the borderlands, Hirabashi Jiro asked us to speak to you on their behalf, regarding an alliance against the Regent, or at least your non involvement on their side when hostilities should break open.”

The other representatives at the table seemed to take this all in, finally the one from Black Lotus spoke up.
“You do understand that the different clans will bid on your offer before they agree to take this contract up. But I’ve said more than I should. Finish your mean here, we will depart immediately and bring you an answer back here in twenty days hence. Do not be late.”

With that, the three stood up as once and quickly made their way out of the restaurant making nearly no noise in doing so. Enough time to head back to the borderlands and that keep and see how things were progressing with Sandru and the others.



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