Sylph cleric of Sithhud


Katiyana is a
lithe and graceful
woman with pale
blue skin marked
with white whorls.
Her lustrous midnight
blue hair drifts about her
head like wisps of storm
clouds, and wings of blueblack
feathers spread from her
back. Her silvery fingernails
glint like razors.

Katiyana is a sylph of the Alabastrine Peaks, one of the few sylphs that inhabit those frozen peaks at the farthest polar reaches of Golarion. Her father, Tornaq, was a wizard, and often traveled through the gates to and from the Plane of Air at the Crown of the World, visiting with relations among the djinn who marveled at his stories of the starkly beautiful lands at the top of the world. The most wondrous tales of that realm were of the mysterious , phosphorescent blue Nameless Spires that lay to the north of the Alabastrine Peaks, from which he brought back unfathomable crystal devices. On one such visit to the ruins, Tornaq encountered a strange woman to the south, who appeared to be a scholar from her robes and books. Curious, Tornaq drew near the visitor. His heart pounded as the woman slipped off her robes to reveal her demonic horns, wings and tail, but Tornaq’s mind was already no longer his own, enslaved to the succubus’s will. The demon carried him off by magic to parts unknown, and his few remaining years were a blur of misery and torment at the hands of his demonic captor as she interrogated the wizard to learn what he knew of the lost city and the secrets of the Crown of the World.; in the end, his violation was total—-mental, physical, spiritual, and carnal. It was not until the succubus showed Tornaq the cambion daughter she had begotten through his lustful compulsion that she finally granted him release of death, and with his dying breath he named the demon-child Katiyana. Katiyana’s mother, the succubus Croicu, gave her to the cult of Sithhud, and the young half-fiend sylph proved a keen study with an affinity for necromancy and magical compulsions. Sly and duplicitous, with a clever mouth and an easy mocking laugh, Katiyana was raised in the surety that the world wished her dead as an abomination, that none could or would ever love her but her true family in the cult, who had saved her from the father who abandoned her. Her hope of salvation was in the redemption and return of their forgotten master, the Frozen Lord, who had likewise been betrayed. Like Sithhud, Katiyana would endure and survive, and when Sithhud finally reclaimed his power and became a true demon lord once more, she would become his beloved handmaiden. Returning north, Katiyana began preparing for her demonic lord’s return, erecting basalt monoliths in Sithhud’s name to control the powerful morozkos that rage across the Crown of the World. Once the monoliths are in place, she plans to send the morozkos south into more populated areas, where the frozen storms will slay enough mortals to fuel Sithhud’s return to prominence as a true demon lord. To aid her in this task, Katiyana has allied with fell creatures of the ice north, raised frozen undead servants and corrupted others to assist her, including the Erutaki shaman Tunuak. Those she cannot corrupt, Katiyana destroys, as remorseless as a polar winter…


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