Akumi's Bonsai


While sleeping within 15 feet of the tree – all PCs receive 2 points per character level of healing per night.


This small bonsai tree is the ward of the fukujin kami Akumi, who has grown and tended the tree over many centuries. The tree is nonmagical, but it is a magnificent representation of the art of the bonsai master. Although battered and withered when found, it can be brought back to strength with proper care and nurture. A DC Knowledge (nature) check is required to correctly tend the bonsai each month. If correctly tended and watered for a period of 3 months, Akumi’s bonsai is rejuvenated.

A failed check to the tend the tree loses its healing properties for that day until a successful check can be made. Two failed checks results in Akumi no longer manifesting, a third results in Akumi leaving the PCs and taking his Bonsai with him. The results are cumulative.

Akumi's Bonsai

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