Dancing Wasp

+1 Kusarigama (ultimate Combat pg 132)

weapon (melee)

Aura moderate conjuratation; CL 7th
Slot none; Price 12,392gp; Weight 3lbs


This +1 kusarigama makes a shrill whistling sound whenever it is used in combat. Once per day, as a standard action, the wielder of Dancing Wasp can whirl the weapon above his head as a full-round action to summon a giant wasp (Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 275). The wasp appears in the air above the wielder’s head and follows the wielder’s mental commands to the best of its ability as long as the user continues to twirl the weapon (requiring a standard action each round), to a maximum of 5 rounds after which the wasp vanishes.

Requirements Craft Magic Arms and Armor; summon monster IV or summon nature’s ally IV; Cost 6,352gp

Jade Regent: The Brinewall Legacy Part 1 of 6 – Page 60-61


Dancing Wasp

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