Seishinru, Spirit Elixir

Unique Elixir


Aura Moderate evocation; CL 10th ; Slot none ; Price 5,500 gp ; Weight -

This potent elixir has the consistency and color of pomegranate
juice, and a tart taste with a faint aroma of fresh fruit. Usually
found in bamboo containers decorated with images of carp, the
sacred animal of the goddess Shizuru, the elixir within contains
the distilled spiritual essence of the most honorable guardians
who died in service to Minkai’s emperors. Each time the
character drinking the elixir makes an attack roll, ability check,
or skill check, it rolls two d20s and takes the better result, as
these spiritual guardians offer their advice and encouragement.
This effect lasts for 10 rounds, but it immediately ends if any
roll is a natural 20. If the character drinking the elixir is a scion
of one of Minkai’s five imperial families (including anyone
invested as such by an Imperial Seal) and is reduced to fewer
than 0 hit points during the duration of the elixir’s effects, the
elixir also immediately cures the drinker of 5d8+10 points of
damage, which can bring a recently slain character back to life.
This healing immediately ends any of the elixir’s other effects.


Requirements Craft Wondrous Item ; breath of life , brilliant inspiration (Advanced Player’s Guide 207); Cost 2,750 gp

Seishinru, Spirit Elixir

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