Small Monkey - Figurine of Wonderous Power


CL 5th, Minor Conjuration, Summon Monster II., 660GP
Figuring of Wonderous Power – Minor
Small Monkey

A small obsidian statuette of a monkey in a thoughtful pose. But when the magic word is spoken by a good aligned humanoid, Coco appears. A male small monkey with slight intelligence and empathy, he can be taught some basic commands and knows a few already such as follow, retrieve, and hide. In addition, while Coco is in proximity (10 feet) with it’s owner, he functions as a living Brooch of Shielding (50 charges).

If the monkey is reduced to zero hit points in normal combat, it disappears and cannot be resummoned for another 24 hours.

If the Brooch of Shielding is reduced to zero & the monkey is also reduced to zero hit points, the Figurine is destroyed.

The Brooch power cannot be recharged.


Originally traded from Tian Xia on the otherside of the polar ice cap, this Figurine once belonged to a small boy price – who was killed on an expedition with his parents while traveling to the Land of the Linnorm Kings. It is said to be in his family for over 300 years, and is known the be very loyal the monkey considers to be kind hearted.

Small Monkey - Figurine of Wonderous Power

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