Jade Regent

Finding the Legacy

Of Trogolodytes & Ogres

A fitting end to things as the party that had set out from Sandpoint seeking to help a friend, finally comes upon their goal. But it was far from easy.

Through a stroke of luck, Nemkitu followed his nose down a hole in the 2nd floor of Brinewall Castle leading to the dungeons below. Having cleared out the castle of the original Oni, Kikoniu, and his Tengu and Dire Corby followers, the party decended into the depths of the dungeon eager to find what Ameiko knew would be here.

Almost racing through corridors and busting down old doors, the company fought bands of Troglodytes and later a strange ogre named Slugwort. A simple ogre that was holding a barbarian woman from the Linnorm Kings lands and otherwise seemigly confused as to why the newcomers were not already in cages.

Nemkitu, not waiting for Diplomacy grabbed one of the flaming burst arrows he had found upstairs, knocked it and fired it from his trusty longbow. The poor creature’s day ended badly. He exploded. Entrails, pieces of ogre flesh burned and otherwise seemed to fly everywhere. There was simply nothing recognizable from him.

Some good came from the carnage, however. Using a key they found in one of Slugwort’s possessions, they freed Keldar, a woman of Linnorm decent. Tight lipped at first – she admitted coming down there to loot the place when her comrades were butchered by the Dire Corbies and she herself was taken prisoner until Kikonui decided what to do with her.

Moving into what seemed to be the vaults – the party was confronted by a beautifully painted blue door with a sort of metal window that looked into the large room. Hearing voices from beyond, the door opened revealing an apparition of Pharasma, a diety known to be of rebirth and Good.

She called for everyone to come closer and to leave their weapons behind in peace. A few of them walked in – though Kyoshi and Buttercup resisted and stayed outside. A wise decision as it would turn out… the door closed and the illusions seemed to get stronger… This time the apparition begged everyone to claim their new gifts of power – some did drop their gear – but the phrase “Cunning like a Fox” – seemed to fit Nemkitu as he held on to his weapons though he could not disbelieve what was in front of him.

Then suddenly, the illusions disappered replaced by two flying octopus looking demons. Speaking in tongues and whispers, the demon began attacking with verocity everyone below. Arianna summoned a spider using her ring – which smartly grappled and stuck the creature to the stalagmite cieling for a time – while Kyoshi and Buttercup cicled around using a secret passage discovered nearby.

Being careless – the creature managed to break out of the web – only to fall entangled to the floor below. His mirror image disbelieved and with Kyoshi rounding the rear corner – the demon became trapped. Though he had nearly killed some of the party – his time had finally run out with decisive blows from everyone.

Recovering their strength from the battle – the party cautiously went forward finally finding the hidden vaults of Brinewall. Kyoshi checked their doors and gained entry…only to find they were empty. But to their east – a secret passage revealed itself – leading to yet another vault… and something else.

A wraith… A soldier that once was called Rokuru. A spitting image of the portrait hanging in the living room of Ameiko’s residence back in Sandpoint. It was her grandfather!

Rokuru pointed further west to yet another passage – hidden – revealing a cabinet inset in stone. Inside…they found the Warding Box. And the secret of Ameiko’s Legacy. The box is the color of Jade and has strange markings including some that match Ameiko’s family. With haste, the party stowed the warding box and heading out of the dungeon through another passage that led to the surface.

As the party walked briskly through the ruin of Brinewall village- something odd was happening around them. The gloom seemed to disappear – the lake near the cemetary seemed even more inviting. Flowers that were not there before had blossomed along the entire trail leading back to the caravan.

A sudden whisp of air startled the company as Spivey decided to make one last appearance.

“Leaving so soon?” she pondered. “You have done what I could not. Many will come here one day to settle. Desnu decrees it!”

“We were glad to be of help,” replied Kyoshi. “We must hurry now, one of our friends still needs help.”

“Not for long,” Spivey retorted. “She is awake, though not speaking yet. Her journey and yours is just beginning!”

Then mumbling something to herself – all of you feel warm and joyful inside as a blessing of Desnu rains upon you. She waves back to you all – as you find your way back to the undergrowth and Sandru’s waiting caravan.

Hazuki looked over at the rest of the company. “They won’t believe us.” she said walking through bushes and high grass.

“They won’t have to, " replied Kyoshi. “I suspect Ameiko will tell everything for us. It is WE that won’t believe – life is full of surprises..and if we’re fortunate, it will be profitable too!”

The Adventure Continues with Jade Regent Part 2: “Night of Frozen Shadows”

So There's This Guy with a Long Nose...

Having poked around Brinewall Castles’ courtyard and nearly falling out of a tower or two – the intrepid group decided things just wouldn’t be more fun without attacking an unknown insane commander of sorts. An Oni…one of the Five Storms demons that originally had chased down Ameiko’s family and now had taken residence here, was busy using his Dire Corbies as players in a disgusting a vile play that he had thought up.

At one point he desired some realism and killed one of his “players” in an attempt to show contempt. But his play was interrupted by spell and steel and perhaps some bad acrobatic checks.

During the height of the battle, the Oni unleased two searing rays at Nemkitu, the brunt of the energy was so intense it would have disintegrated him outright were it not for Fleep diving himself through the beam (Hero point action) and taking the damage himself.

The action stunned the Oni and made him furious! So much so that he didn’t bother to notice Sandru – strolling up to him between summoned creatures and companions, and wacking him really hard with his mace.

“Now I’d call that a lovetap!” he exclaimed. Seemingly unaffected by the gore wrought with the damage his mace caused – the Oni reverted back to his true hybrid bird from fully before convulsing and dying on the stone floor – bludgeoning damage to his head and torso.

Victorious…Hazuki wasted no time looking through pockets and entrails wanting trinkets and the like –
In her search she discovered a silver disc he was wearing around his waist. On it was a depiction of Brinewall – in better days – with a sun rising behind the castle. The disc appeared to have an inlay and radiated faint Transmutation Magic.

The party counting themselves lucky, retreated successfully back to the cemetary to regroup and eat a hot meal before foraging again into the keep.

...Along came a Spider.

The trip from Wolf’s Head to Brinewall was largely uneventful. The trail veered off to the northwest while a small overgrown area led the way to the now ruined Brinewall Village. But as the intrepid adventurers began their trek among the undergrowth, Ameiko fell ill. Almost violently, speaking in a voice that was and was not her own; she gave strange cryptic answers and comments before succombing to a strange magical coma.

Unable to break her out of it, the party marched on with Sandru in tow. Near dusk, they stumbled upon a very clear lake near the river with a font nearby. Examining it, the relics on it revealed it was a shrine to Desnu a benevolent goddess in this area. No sooner had they realized that when there met by free-spirited friend. A tiny Azata named Spivey.

Though she had been here for years, she had come with a wizard and few other fey long ago to protect the lake. Brinewall at one time, was a bastion that held trade routes safe and kept ruffians at bay. But 24 years ago during a massive storm, demons and other fell creatures invaded the area and took over the castle and surrounds. Anyone they didn’t kill outright became enslaved.

She escaped, but the caravan she came with, calling themselves Kitjitsu, was destroyed along with one of their wisest and most experienced warrior.

She now hopes the party from Sandpoint can rid this castle of denizens and restore its former glory.

Wolf's Head

A small town near the mountains, this inviting place east of Riddleport, has the looks of a small Italian style villa. Cobblestone streets are everywhere as there is an abundance of stone and granite nearby. There is a very visible aquaduct system that flows from a nearby waterfall into town. It has various wooden canals and hardened clay pipes that flow out to the farms on the outskirts of town for irrigation.

Really a marvel of engineering for such a quaint place of 13,000 souls.

The Bear Claw Inn and Tavern is certainly the town mainstay. It’s a very large three story structure near the town square, with very high vaulted cielings on the main floor. The center of the floor has a large fire place that also serves as the main meat pit so the place always makes your mouth water when you walk in.
The people are friendly and the drinks and food some of the most fresh anywhere in Varia. If it wasn’t for the urgency to get to Brinewall – it might be enough just to stay and put roots down here.

The Watch Guard is small but very capable assisting with patrols both south of the main Lost Coast Road and a few kilometers to the north. Their commander, one Gravic Kotsman, is a fordimable warrior, and an honorable one by most accounts. He leaves petty crimes to the town magistrates for punishment and primarily focuses on threats coming from Riddleport or anything that threatens trade.

Sandru and he are long friends and allies.

Wolf’s Head is probably the safest place to be among a realm of dangerous foes.

Brinewall Castle Ho!

As the party returns to Sandpoint – the group now makes preparations to leave with Ameiko and her friends to where the scroll said her legacy resides… Brinewall Castle. The journey is several weeks away, but with a hearty crew and good leadership, any obstacle can be overcome and the journey may end up being a profitable one.

Goblins of Brinestump Swamp

After the harrowing encounter with Walthus…and Walthus. The troupe decides to follow him up the remaining unmarked trail to the edge of the goblin camp. From a distance, much of it appeared to be in disarray, spears and totems and potmarked jewelry was strewn about. As the party approached they took notice that they didn’t see many goblins..but they did see a lot of skeletons.
Most of them were not a match for devine energies that disrupted their very lifeforce or the martial strengths of the rest of party.
Parlaying with the Goblin Chief proved fruitful as he describe all the trouble started when they raided a recent cavern nearby and took what appeared to be shipwrecked treasure back with them. Happy to be rid of it – he tells the party where the last of it is stored and agrees to no longer attack the village with fireworks and to be civil and trade as necessary.

Whether or not they will agree to this long term remains to be seen.

After recovering a chest full of treasures – the group sets out once again this time into the Brinestump caverns. A long the way they encounter a home -badly damaged full of Dire Rats! The Druid saw an opportunity to gleen information from them – but his efforts were thwarted when the place collaspsed in on itself after taking too much damage trying to get in.

Several minutes later – paydirt. The party discovers the shipwrecked remains of the Kijitsu Star and several items that belonged to it. One of the items was a Wakashi sword, whose hilt appeared damaged. A scroll came out of the hilt appeared to be from the same family as your friend Ameiko back in town.

Rather than exploring further – the group turned and quickly found a raft that ferried them out of the cave and back to town. Where Ameiko and her Rusty Dragon awaits their finding!

...Sense Motives

Hi, Ho it’s off to the swamp we go!

After finishing a caravan run to a nearby walled city, a company of friends and would-be adventurers returns home to Sandpoint to find most the village recovering from some sort of attack. Several buildings are on fire and the town residents appear to be shaken. The party is told this is the 2nd such attack in a fortnight. And it was done, by nearby goblins.

Nemkui didn’t believe any of it and tried to see if the Mayor of Sandpoint was lying. No…evidence of goblin spears and totem jewelry were all over the place. Luckily no one perished but an inventory of food was lost which could make the coming winter that much more harsh.

It was decided that a reprisal and confrontation with the goblins was necessary, so the party of heroes headed northeast – toward an abandoned fishcamp – to find out why suddenly had the goblins become so brazen.

Their journey along the swamp ridden trail eventually led them to a two-story bungalo. Overrun with swamp foilage, it appeared someome lived there, and being curious and possibly hungry., the party decided to investigate.

They were confronted by what appeared to be the homes only occupant. A halfling. Who had lived there for years and merely was doing his daily routine of collecting herbs. Unfortunately THIS halfling was an imposter. A disguised Sinspore had invaded the real halfling’s home a day before and the two had been fighting brutally ever since. The real halfing bolted himself into a storeroom before breaking free once he realized his adversary had gone downstairs to confuse passerby heroes.

Walthus Proudstump was bloodied and not at all in good condition. When the monster was defeated, he made a special stew for everyone before getting healed himself and leading the party to their new destination. The goblin camp outside of a ring of underground caverns near a large lagoon.


A Drink at a Watering Hole

And so it begins….
At least that is what is supposed to happen. Beginnings. Things have to start somewhere. Even epic campaigns such as this one. But unlike other epic campaigns, this one stretches across continents, ice, politics, and treachery. But make no mistake about it: Plenty of evil opposing you all will be here as well.

The Jade Regent Adventure Path for Pathfinder is currently one of the most played and highest rated settings yet. As a DM or GM if you prefer, I have a lot to live up to. This campaign is full of uses of metaphor and debachery. I fully intend to make use of all of that!

And I am humbled and excited at the diverse group of gamers we have at this venture:
Mike C.
Chelsea F.
Bonnie M.
Larry P.
Carine T.
Shawn T.
Greg W.

Seven may seem a lot but I’ve actually run a game that had at one time 13 players in it – I kid you not! Encounters were um like hours long…and this was before college.

But six is only one more than standard for this campaign and there are built in adjustments for this so though we may seem like many at the table – believe me – the encounters will not be so easy.

Eat. Drink. Roll some Dice.
And by all means have a marvelous time!

The Campaign Begins: Sunday June 24th 2012!


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