Jade Regent

...Sense Motives

Hi, Ho it’s off to the swamp we go!

After finishing a caravan run to a nearby walled city, a company of friends and would-be adventurers returns home to Sandpoint to find most the village recovering from some sort of attack. Several buildings are on fire and the town residents appear to be shaken. The party is told this is the 2nd such attack in a fortnight. And it was done, by nearby goblins.

Nemkui didn’t believe any of it and tried to see if the Mayor of Sandpoint was lying. No…evidence of goblin spears and totem jewelry were all over the place. Luckily no one perished but an inventory of food was lost which could make the coming winter that much more harsh.

It was decided that a reprisal and confrontation with the goblins was necessary, so the party of heroes headed northeast – toward an abandoned fishcamp – to find out why suddenly had the goblins become so brazen.

Their journey along the swamp ridden trail eventually led them to a two-story bungalo. Overrun with swamp foilage, it appeared someome lived there, and being curious and possibly hungry., the party decided to investigate.

They were confronted by what appeared to be the homes only occupant. A halfling. Who had lived there for years and merely was doing his daily routine of collecting herbs. Unfortunately THIS halfling was an imposter. A disguised Sinspore had invaded the real halfling’s home a day before and the two had been fighting brutally ever since. The real halfing bolted himself into a storeroom before breaking free once he realized his adversary had gone downstairs to confuse passerby heroes.

Walthus Proudstump was bloodied and not at all in good condition. When the monster was defeated, he made a special stew for everyone before getting healed himself and leading the party to their new destination. The goblin camp outside of a ring of underground caverns near a large lagoon.


A Drink at a Watering Hole

And so it begins….
At least that is what is supposed to happen. Beginnings. Things have to start somewhere. Even epic campaigns such as this one. But unlike other epic campaigns, this one stretches across continents, ice, politics, and treachery. But make no mistake about it: Plenty of evil opposing you all will be here as well.

The Jade Regent Adventure Path for Pathfinder is currently one of the most played and highest rated settings yet. As a DM or GM if you prefer, I have a lot to live up to. This campaign is full of uses of metaphor and debachery. I fully intend to make use of all of that!

And I am humbled and excited at the diverse group of gamers we have at this venture:
Mike C.
Chelsea F.
Bonnie M.
Larry P.
Carine T.
Shawn T.
Greg W.

Seven may seem a lot but I’ve actually run a game that had at one time 13 players in it – I kid you not! Encounters were um like hours long…and this was before college.

But six is only one more than standard for this campaign and there are built in adjustments for this so though we may seem like many at the table – believe me – the encounters will not be so easy.

Eat. Drink. Roll some Dice.
And by all means have a marvelous time!

The Campaign Begins: Sunday June 24th 2012!


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