Jade Regent

The Fortunate and the Damned

Running through chamber after chamber in the deepest basements in this vile Pagoda, the Scions of Amajitsu finally reached the inner sanctum of Munasukaru.

Coming across a torture chamber of sorts, Hazuki and the others found leprous humanoids bound to the walls with bite and torture marks spread throughout. They were howling and quite mad with insanity and depravity. And spread among them were humans and elves, malnourished and beaten somewhat but otherwise unharmed.

Rushing to let them out, Hazuki and Eolion reached out and unlocked them from the prisons. But their freedom was short lived.

“Wait a minute, if we let them out, they will be cut down before we can get them out of there!” exclaimed Eolion. “Not that I care what happens to these foul humans anyways.”

“What so you want to put them back into these tight cages filled with maggots and bones?” retorted Arianna. “That’s hardly fair.”

An elf that was huddled in the corner then stepped forward, holding his ripped tunic up and together, trying to feign dignity. “I lead them. I can fight. No need to place us back in there. Just give me a weapon!”

Carrying a large backpack had its benefits as Hazuki unrolled it showing a smattering of recently acquired weapons from the Withered Blossom warriors.

“They smell – but they will protect you,” Hazuki bluntly stated.

Turning, the Simian, Stryx, and others armed themselves again and trotted down the long marble covered hallway.

Finding one door that led to a library full of history and Jade gemmed items, they pocketed as much as they could and headed toward the Guard Sanctum of the Oni.

Sisters of the Broken One – once again the foul monsters were ready, But the company of Scions were too much for them, eventually a loud crackling ball of lightning finishing them off in to burning smoking ash.

The room ahead lay in front of them – and Munasukaru waiting.

Quietly peering into her chamber – Hazuki and Eolion saw an old Tian woman – talking to herself as she sat eating the crackling skin of a tortured Aranea.

Walking in, she paid no attention to the heroes until Arianna’s Blender of a raptor was upon her slicing a chunk out of her skin.

Screaming she tore out of her elderly woman skin and arose a tall disfigured Oni brandishing a large Nagaditu She took the air jumping inverted above the raptor and attempted to cut its head off.

But she faltered. She dropped the flat end of the bladed part of the weapon on to the ground and the force of it ripped through her as its thundering ability backfired. Munasukaru appeared glazed over and dazed – unable to fight back and stunned, she watched in horror as Hazuki, Tenzen and the others tore huge gashes into her stripping her armor and her flesh.

Then from the room beyond, Iuzme stepped and prepared her alchemical bomb – lovingly preparing it complete with a lavender tassle to help it sail right as she lobbed into the air, she hit the creature In a most vulnerable spot.

The effect was devastating. Its explosive and smoldering contents spilling all over her with such intensity, that a few short seconds later, there was little left of the Oni – other than a smitten ruin of a body.

Eolion quickly burned it and after retreating with the spoils of her body and the tortured souls in the guard room, the Scions headed back out to the waiting Kami and the next leg of their journey to confront the Jade Regent and restore Minkai back to the people.

...The Dogs of War
Meeting the Major-Domo of Munasakaru
Though surprised by their new companion’s ability to both entertain and destroy, Arianna was undaunted and nonetheless pulled up Tenzen off the ground rallying the others.

“We can stare at this creature or we can finish this!” she exclaimed. Her mood was particularly dour as one of the Naga’s had torn part of her boot during the combat.

Eolion shouted down from above, “The way is clear.”

Another lone stairwell with an outside waterfall led further down at the end of this cavern.

“This had better be the last hole in the water we crawl down.” Izume grumbled as she began re-organizing her alchemical bombs for was yet to be another series of battles.

As the company came down the remaining steps they found another Ogre-Mage Samurai waiting for them. He seemed to be better dressed than the others. Tattoos and strange mangled jewelry adorned his torso and neck. And this time, he was floating above the cavern lake, wearing an evil grin of sorts.

“Welcome young ones! You have made it far indeed!”

“Keep your welcome!” spat back Eolion.

“Wait! You have not yet heard my offer!”

“To burn you alive up there or dice you up into pieces?” smirked Tenzen.

“Ah neither young sorcerer! You see before you rush head long into what will be certain death for you, my master has made you all an honor bound offer.”

“I say we just kill you now,” glowered Izume folding her arms in protest.

“You see young ones – I am Ochiyo, the Messenger of Munasakaru. She has given me leave and her word to give you this offer. Should any of you turn back now. Head back into the Forest of Spirits; all of your earthly desires and pleasures will be fulfilled upon you when our Storms blanket this world.”

The Vanara made a strange noise and began whirling a large silver coconut.

“What say you? Will you become Kings unto yourselves? Or will you die here and now?”

The answer was something not able to be translated – and yet its message was quite understood – as a vicious raptor with all of its claws flew and impaled the Major-Domo.

But he was not alone unlike his predecessors. Two dark blue forms wrapped in chains began to rise from the water, their height and figure hideous beyond reason. Known as Kytons, they and the Oni of the Five Storms have had an unholy alliance for generations. And they sprang to attack!

Throwing out chains and siren calls, they began shouting with psioic powers against everyone still on shore. The scream was deafening as the hostile sound waves began to rip fabric and flesh from the Scions.

Arianna managed to get herself a few feet away and began muttering a spell of sorts. Her raptor and Eolion continue to pummel Ochiyo above the cavern waters.

The Kytons screamed yet again, bringing Hazuki to her knees and clouding her judgment. Arianna then made her move, coming out of cover she waved her hands shouting an ancient slew of words than penetrated time and space

“Rios- Da Tore – Q’T-ish Sa hiaarrr!”

A strange portal of purple and blackness opened behind each of the Kytons. Some kind of dimensional rift. Its sprang tentacles made of pure force grabbed and bound the Kytons even forcing their chains back upon themselves. Screaming upwards from the force of the portal – they rained rock from above down on themselves as the banishment spell ripped from this world and into another.

The threat all but gone – Tenzen sailed another terrifying electrical ball of death at the Ogre-mage while Arianna and her raptor finished the job ripping his torso in two. His entrails now falling out of the air into the murky water below.

“I don’t know who this Munasakaru is…but she’s pissed off the wrong Summoner,” Izume retorted.

Flying over the rest of the cavern – the Scions have now made it to a dry stone floor. There was little time to rest. The danger here was too real – and too close. Over the next two hours – the heroes of Amajitsu will either vanquish this Oni or condemn Minkai and all of Golarion to darkness and enslavement. Forever.

Unto the Breach...
The Chosen of Munasukaru

The battles have begun to weigh heavily on the Scions. With a host of Withered Blossom warriors dead behind them, the heroes have run through darkened corridors and treacherous caverns with deep torrid waterfalls and rivers, each containing their own horrors.

Running through a slew of hill giants and more warriors, Eiolion, Arianna and the others made it down a long winding stairway – some hundred feet past demon etched walls and transfigured souls. The waterfall above loud and pounding below them into another deep chasm.

As they reached the bottom of the stair – a wide lake with small islands jetted about before them.

It was the vanara that noticed it first, doing flips and pointing toward something distant in the waters. Hazuki and Eolion saw it next. Something slithering toward them in the dark torrid waters ahead.

“I thought you said these things talk!” screamed Izume as she pointed back at the monkey like companion that had recently joined them. But the slithering in the water became a blitz, and without thinking she took to the air with Eolion as a pair of nagas jumped out of the water!

Large snake like beasts with the heads of hideous women (probably those shunned and cursed at during high school), they coiled and as one of them blinked slowly – a large explosive ball of fire erupted behind everyone singing more than a few hairs!

Hazuki stood toe to toe with one of them, as Arianna’s fearless raptor dove in from above and performed a devastating attack along it’s spine. Cold flesh and black oozing blood pouring forth and spurting on those near it.

“Nice!” exclaimed Iuzme “Can’t we ever kill these things without ruining my clothes!”
“You drop bombs of chemicals and worse on things and your complaining about blood spurts?!” Arianna spat back.

Kneeling, Hazuki swung Suishen high above and tore into the naga’s nearby sister. But the attack didn’t press home far enough though it left the naga remarkably confused.

Swaying it’s head back and forth it gazed back at Hazuki charming her. Thinking, the Chosen Naga had the upper hand, it laughed maniacally at everyone scheming to use Hazuki to attack others..

Jumping from Iuzme’s shoulders, grabbing then right breast of Arianna – then giggling to himself seemingly, the Varana, then "slid between Hazuki’s legs and shouted something incomprehensible.

“Ooo aahhhhh eeeee ahhhh!!!”

A large snapping of joints and spurs began to overwhelm the ears of everyone as the remaining Naga’s spine erupted from its body then splintered in a crackling withering explosion everywhere.

With everyone’s jaws and eyes open, the monkey-like Vanara merely looked back and said " Ooooh!"

More to come.

Acrobats and Flaming Snot...

Still confined within a gatehouse of sorts deep underground, the heroes thought that they had everything under control – until they were further boxed in by two Huge Water Elemental guardians and a horde of Withered Blossom Warriors…

“I don’t know if I have anything left!” screamed Hazuki as she wielded Sushen furiously back and forth against the towering water elemental.

“Yes you do!” exclaimed Izume “As soon as I can get out of this, I’ll throw you a potion that will heal your wounds!” She herself desperately trying to avoid standing toe to toe with the Hobgoblin ninja freaks.

But things were not going well for Hazuki – or the rest of them for that matter. After Tenzen destroyed the bulk of the remaining warriors with a well timed ball of electrical energy, he fell to the ground as he was slammed by a nearby water elemental – breaking his back and finally killing him.

And time was running out for everyone.

Sidestepping a Blossom Warrior above him – Izume managed to break free long enough to fish a health potion out of that bloody belt pouch of hers.

The roar of the water elementals was near deafening. “Okay!” she screamed to Hazuki, still flailing against an elemental.

“Okay what?! You better have something, I’ve already started to see stars in front of me!”

“Look you’re going to have to gulp this in the air! I can’t get next to you…..so open that damn mouth of yours when I tell you!”

“This better not be one of your ridiculous insults or I swear…”

“Alright! Watch for it!” as Izume took a quick glance at the situation, she quickly popped the cork of the cure potion and lobbed it up in probably the best arc she had ever thrown.

“Look up…….NOW!”

Hazuki using her feet more and instinctively avoiding swings from the Elemental, she glanced upward just as the flask turned downward pouring its healing properties into her throat and a bit on the rest of her face.

Feeling immensely satisfied, Izume began to turn her attention to bombing these monstrosities with her usual concoctions of doom. But the glee didn’t last very long.

The roar of the water elemental became so loud that for instant all Izume could hear was that, followed by a muffled scream.

Tossed asunder, Hazuki had sustained a massive blow to her head, taking her to the ground near death.

Nemkitu already dead from his fight with the House Warriors, Izume and Eolion had to work together to fell these creatures before it was too late…

With the hobgoblins finally dead, Izume summoned what bravery she had left and floated towards both elementals, Eolion looking on.

“Are you trying to get yourself killed?! We need to re-group!” he shouted as he tossed a hobgoblin femur he had ripped off of one and threw it into the nearby lake.

“No time! If we don’t hold here we never will! I have an idea!”

“Great let’s hope they involve killing these two!”

Izume began to glow with a sunrise orange aura – heat began to flow off of her- searing heat. Her innate ability transformed her leggings to that of a grass skirt from some tropical island. Magical fire danced around it sending embers into both elementals as she floated in between them provoking them into trying to slam her.

And naturally they did. Both of them catching a little fire in the process.

“Ummm, I was expecting something a little more LETHAL!” exclaimed Eolion.

“Wait for it!” Turning around – her face contorted – her nose elongated slightly and suddenly spewing foul smoke and ash.

Then it happened.

The roar of the water elementals was silenced as a sound the likes of which the Titans of old have not heard in millennia.

Izume sneezed.

A spray for ash and fire globules erupted from her magically enhanced nose pitting both elementals. As the flaming mucus erupted inside them – it dried what little lifeforce was left in them – and then ultimately turned them to puddles on the stone cobbled floor.

Eoline just floated there….blinking.

“I don’t wanna know what that was….” Then appearing indifferent. “That better not be catching! I better go and find some help.” and then looking back at Izume “Well done…but ew.” and flew off to the ground floor of the pagoda to fetch Koya and help resurrect the fallen companions.

As the winged barbarian took to the air, Izume slowly floated back to the ground, and snatching a purple handkerchief from her tunic, she wiped her nose as it reformed back to normal whispering to herself in a quiet voice:

“Excuse me.”

Pigs in a Blanket

Defeating countless hobgoblin warriors seemed child’s play to the adventurers now inside the fabled House of Withered Blossoms. But that all ended when the group descended into a vast underground cavern complete with an unfinished keep. Surrounding and inside the keep were more Withered Blossom Warriors as well as other denizens, and their leader. A particularly nasty hobgoblin prince of pigs of sorts.

He seemed to be worshipped by female hobgoblins, but a flying barbarian and others made short work of him and his guards. Eventually taking his weapons and making their way across a land bridge arc to another area of the dungeons. The dank and filth of the place behind them – the group now cautiously goes closer to their confrontation with the remaining Oni in this pagoda…

Out of the frying pan into the...Boiling Oil!?

With more room to maneuver and excel in the combat skills the individual Scions can do, Nemkitu, Izemy, Arianna and the others brushed themselves off and looked around as they walked away from the shaft that brought them down below the pagoda.

The floors here were hewn stone but well maintained. No refuse or garbage to speak of, except a few piles of spider legs here and there. In front of everyone was quite a sight, however. A large marble and granite stone wall encroachment. Spanning nearly 120 feet long and 20 feet high, it rose above them like a large foreboding shadow.

And it wasn’t empty. Five or six well armed hobgoblin soldiers were perched upon waiting for unwelcome visitors. And every few feet – was a black iron cauldron of black boiling oil.

The gang managed to fan out around the room before the soldiers noticed – Nemkitu naturally was invisible to all. But the party’s numbers didn’t deter the hobgoblins from responding in kind to the intrusion. Thinking they had the upper hand, they began to rain down arrows on those below.

A particularly mean hobgoblin with a broken tooth and a meat cleaver still stained of aranea blood, barreled over one of his colleagues as he fell a cauldron of oil on Hazuki. But she wasn’t close enough – sustaining on a few minor burns from the splatter. The hobgoblin laughed mockingly at her – not at all noticing a flying feathered barbarian squarely hitting him in his shoulder and knocking him off the wall.

Their leader was on the floor on the other side – injured and looking confused. The rest of the soldiers and their strategy soon fell apart. Despite having an upper advantage it was of little use in avoiding a flying raptor with sharp talons and hisses or streaking wall of fire that materialized on top of them.

Less than two minutes later, the Scions of Amajitsu walked over their corpses and descended further down the hall beyond, eagerly waiting to best the Oni that resides there.

The Tower of Cobwebs

… This pagoda was turning into a creepy crawly nightmare for the heroes investigating inside. Constantly having to battle spiders, araneas and worse, the gang continued to avoid traps made of sharp steel and poison and move up the darkened tower.

And the cobwebs were everywhere. Holding not only the creepy denizens that created them, but their victims as well. Mostly hobgoblins – which most of whom are currently on the bottom levels of the House fighting along side the Oni who still remains.

See the spiders and their leader, Akinosa, have been locked in a mortal combat of sorts for nearly two centuries for control of the entire Pagoda. Akinosa clearly controls the above ground levels – but he wants the dungeon levels. As a master of arcane arts, he knows great power resides there and he wants it for himself. And so month after month, year after year, he sends hordes of his eight-legged friends to harass and kill those that are allied with the Oni down below.

He has hopes that she is wearing out – and soon he will take over. But it is also true that he has grown tired of this game of control. But he never has time to worry. As sounds from below have given him concern that something or someone else may be here. Perhaps he could use these newcomers to his advantage….or perhaps he should kill them as well.

But the Scions were too quick and too skilled for his schemes. With a forceful shot to his bloated gut – soon after Nemkitu disabled the trap in the middle of the room, Arianna disabled his spell – one that would have allowed him to perhaps survive the day.

Using all of his power – he tried to pull away from the invaders, dodging this way and that, casting spells desperately that seemed to fall flat. He even managed to somehow misplace his prized wand of lightning bolts. Inexcusable, he thought to himself.

But Akinosa was no fool – he was outwitted and outmatched. And two centuries of fumbling around in the dark for power perhaps was enough. As he floated to another corner to avoid a barrage of spells and steel, he contemplated the life he had around him – and as he started to think about death – the sting of a silver katana blade pierced him – one last time…

Ninjas, Kami and Giants....Oh My!

The warm fires, spectacular fireworks and great food and people of the City at the Edge of the World seemed a fitting end to a week filled with strange feasts coupled with feats of skill and daring. As promised the Prince opened his best wares and markets to the adventurers near the great lake at the south end of the city.

A huge parade carrying a puppets, a dragon filled with candles and more strode down the main drag of the city, while people of all ages came out to meet the new strangers, and offer them charms of all kinds, more food than they could possibly eat and offer stories and fortunes to those that kept an open mind.

The relative ease of the evening, however, ended with fierce battle. A full squad of well armed ninjas came running at the Amatitsu Scions at full speed along the roof tops of the city. Nemkitu’s watchful eye and a few others caught sight of them out of the corner of their eyes – but it was barely enough warning to raise swords and bows.

It was only after the first couple of engagements did the people in the city realize what was happening: the strangers had angered the Five Storms.

They began running in all directions while the ninjas pressed their attack home. The Prince, sequestered in his palace, got word of it all and immediately sent guards to seal the city, along with orders to cast out his new favorite strangers.

With so many opponents it seemed there would be no end in sight for the heroes, were it not for a well dressed Tian woman who seemed to appear out of no where and began attacking the ninjas closest to the company.

Jumping off of totem poles and making acrobatic leaps through enemy fire, she managed to peg two of the ninjas with well placed arrows. Buying time for the adventures to regroup and begin to take them down with extreme prejudice.

The battle was won shortly there after, but no time to take stalk on what they fought or why. Miyaro introduced herself as an ally and guide, and hasted the heroes out of the city within minutes of the battle finishing.

Walking quickly into the dark, the snow still falling, she explained that she and her allies are opposed to the Five Storms and will make every effort to help the Scions reach the capital. Along the way explaining that her allies were spirits called Kami that dwell in living things as well as inanimate objects – their objective – to restore the balance by restoring the escaped Oni back to their prison within the House of Withered Blossoms… a large pagoda mansion that also serves as a fortress prison to those within.

After meeting their first kami along the way, the caravan continued through the snow and cold of the forest, and at one point had to take on three Stone Giant brothers that decided to play target practice with the would be saviors of Minkai.

But Hazuki, Ezme, Tenzen and the others made short work of the giants, allowing the caravan to continue toward this prison house and meet their next challenge…

Ordu-Aganhei - City on the Edge of the World
Coming down from the mountain terrain of the Wall of Heaven took just over two days. The cold winds still lashing the caravan from all sides. Occupants were tired, some hurt by frostbite and malnutrition. The food had all but run out and the clerics and hunters had done their best to keep everyone to at least one meal a day. Water at least wasn’t a problem. The terrain changed from rock to sloping vast tall forest. Still cold, the trees seemed to stretch forever. In front of the caravan, a large wide road had appeared from just to the west as Ulf guided the wagons on to it. The road was level and well maintained considering the wilderness surrounding it. As they traveled, sounds and occasional strange lights seem to appear out among the trees with no clear direction. In the distance, a tower and rooftops began to appear. Smoke from small fires, smells of meats and other food began to waft toward the caravan as it made its way south. Getting out of the caravan, Sandru, Ameiko and the PCs enter the city through the north gate, a decorated tower with a single 30-foot high reinforced iron door and some 30 guards inside. A caravan coming out of the Crown of the World in the off-season is an almost unheard of occurrence, and the gate guards examine the PCs with barely hidden suspicion. The guards’ examination is strict and thorough, dust swirling around them as they work. Just as it looks like the guards won’t allow the PCs into the city, however, a well-dressed man appears at the gate from within the city, prostrates himself (quite literally) before the PCs, and makes a grand speech….
And Then....

When Yeti’s Attack!

Having found the Path of Spirits, Sandru’s caravan finally made it past the Morozkos and delved underneath the mountains. Though their path was blocked by undead guardians of battles long since past, the Heroes of Sandpoint made it past them, defeating a Revenant and its Greater Shadow ally, finally moving into the fabled Necropolis.

But straight and narrow never did well with the likes of Nemkitu. He took the party through the rocky interior cliff side and found several families of Yeti waiting for him. AND THEN…using the frozen beasts as fodder, he brutally experimented on their carcasses for backstabbing techniques. Satisfied that large dumb wailing targets make for good blade practice, he wiped his blade with zeal while Tenzen unloaded fireballs that melted the furballs to ash.

Arianna got her fun in also. She sent her crazy flying horned raptor – who until recently was rather lack luster – finally came into his own as he viciously chopped, scraped, mutilated and ate a Yeti to death. He was having so much fun, he failed to realize his enemy had fallen and couldn’t help but continue to rip him to shreds.

No Weiner dogs were hurt during the production of this past weekend’s gaming
Pathfinder Humane Society.


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