Jade Regent

The Scions vs the 3-Eyed Oni
An Alliance forms...

Having retrieved the Geisha and defeated the tyrannical governor Sennaka, Ameiko, Hazuki, Eolion, Nemkitu, and the others hit the road back to the keep they liberated in the northeastern province of Minkai.

A lot of work had been done over the course of the last three months. The foliage has been cut away from the stone walls and battlements, replaced by scaffolding and tireless workers repairing and building new walls and towers.

The front gate, which was blown away from a ward Shilirana had cast, had been rebuilt along with formidable metal spikes that jutted out.

But the real work was inside. Inside the keep cobblestone replaced sand and mud. A new three story Inn and Tavern stood near the back of the keep with a full stables. A large observation tower that overlooked the keep and the surround as well as the sea behind it, had begun to go up. Eolion smiled as his plans and ingenuity went a long way toward his own endeavor.

Shilirana’s hope for bringing health and faith to the community was realized as her temple to her deity and an infirmary were full and well tended by a few acolytes and nurses.

Forges and anvils were hard at work in Hazuki’s new Armory, as the steam of masterwork quality weapons filled the air nearby. Her chosen manager to run things while she was away, Yoshi, already well liked volunteered to repair other items for his fellow villagers beyond weapons. Time pieces, shoes, even some pottery were all welcome at the new armory.

Everyone was doing their part to make this place not only a fortress, but a home as well.

And a home worth defending, because as Ameiko and the others reached the Keep, word came that an army of soldiers and large Oni were on their way to sack the keep and kill the heir to the crown and her friends at any cost.

This time there would be no more running. This time, either the enemies of the true Heir to Minkai would fall, or they would….

(To be continued…)

The Nine & The Flame

Now that the Geisha has been rescued and restored to life, the nobles of Sakekabi had but one final request. To end Sennaka’s rule as governor. Before leaving the elaborate Tea House of the Geisha’s, the Amajitsu Scions were introduced to Senakka’s younger brother Ityuru. Being a samurai himself, his code forbid him to take action against his zealous and hateful brother. Though powerful, he told followers of the heir apparent that if his brother died in combat or otherwise surrendered. Others would follow.

But like all other samurai, most were bound my code to serve the unlawful governor and his lackeys. Removing him would be difficult. But late word has arrived indicating where the governor is and how the followers of Ameiko may be able to claim a victory. One that would ensure a united front against the usurper: the Jade Regent himself.

Ityuru sat down and motioned for everyone else to do the same.

“My brother is headed for a small outpost here, " pointing to a crudely drawn map. "This outpost contains warm water springs that have small medicinal properties, and an overall pleasure my brother Sennaka wants to keep to himself.

Pouring himself more tea as Nemkitu and the others were also being given their cups as he continued to explain.

“The outpost is located three days ride south of here among hilly and heavily forested terrain. The workers have carved out a small road that links to the main Approach road to the west. Where the help comes in is critical. My sources say Sennaka is on his way there now, and embedded with the outpost workers are a faction of samurai calling themselves the Nine.”

Taking a sip and gauging everyone’s facial responses, he continued:

“This outpost has several groups of samurai loyal to my brother – though they too are disenfranchised by Sennaka.. IF you could coordinate with them, their assistance would garner victory for all and with a minimum loss of life. Remember: The samurai already in the outpost are loyal to Sennaka, but would easily turn to support me once he has been removed from power. Do your utmost to save those lives as well. They will become valuable allies in the long run.”

Standing up, he gave Nemkitu the map and wished everyone a fast victory.

Course what he didn’t mention was his powerful samurai brother had a side kick. An ogre mage that rarely left his side.

The next few days riding up to the forest side road went uneventful. Leaving their horses, Eolion, Hazuki and the others made their way along the narrow dirt trail until coming to a populated work camp of sorts about a mile from the outpost. Apparently Sennaka has been renovating it and expanding it to serve his personal needs and wants. But was the governor there yet or was he still on the road to the south?

Culling through the work camp, Nemkitu discovered quickly that the rumored Nine were in disguise as workers, Not only that, they had set up an ambush for when the governor arrived that would effectively block the side trail from any reinforcements from reaching the outpost.

As night fell, Eolion began a slow circle of the area before landing back at camp among the trees.

“Aside from the stench of humans this place wouldn’t be so bad.” He pondered almost to himself. Then his eyes lit up, as if newly cooked food was brought to him.

“Ahh its brutal but it will work.”

“What will work?” asked Shilirana brushing her hair nervously.

“What if I drop alchemical flasks and oil on this place, torching it. It could be a hazard to fight through but it would be absolute chaos to this governor and his minions.” smirked Eolion.

The group thought about it – the Nine weren’t too pleased as it posed a risk to some who were innocent soldiers but given the alternatives , it would make victory easier.

As soon stars began filling the sky, Hazuki, Nemkitu and the others snuck into the outpost weapons drawn, as Eolion began to make a very large fire in a place ripe with tinder. And as expected: chaos ensued!

The Turtle and the Geisha

Using the Inro they acquired back at the Tea House, the Scions and their allies managed to decipher it and summon an elder Turtle Kappa, who had knowledge of what happened to the Geisha and this strange man she went somehow was coerced to go with.

It indicated a path of sorts to navigate a sort of Shadow Maze that was located on an island where this wizard was located. Once inside, they fought strange creatures and teleport traps – one of which was a mirror trap. Using the inro, Hazuki and the others scouted the corridors looking for the correct order to travel without triggering a trap. Eventually they came upon a room holding the Geisha and one other… presumably her mother. Their bodies lifeless yet alive. Behind them, a statue with 8 arms sat foreboding the room.

Suddenly, without warning, a cloud of dark smoke began to fill the room. It grew darker and darker – eventually it coalesced into a strange panther like creature – and it attacked the party!

Three Monkeys

With the crowded market now empty following the battle with these oni police, the Scions turned their attention to a well decorated 2nd floor restaurant where representatives of the a few ninja clans were reportedly inside waiting for them.

After gathering the Oni’s weapons, the troop made their way upstairs and into the restaurant. The walls were adorned with lavish tapestries from various locations throughout Minkai, some were beyond workmanship. A stone fountain with lilacs and water that seemed to be drawn upstairs somehow to fill the basin, took up much of the lobby. Smells of incredible Tian food were aplenty and as nervous as some of the party was with meeting these ninja, their stomachs didn’t seem to care.

“Ah, our guests have been expecting you. Please follow me.” a young tian woman held a small tray with tea cups on it and gestured for Hazuki, Nemkitu and the others to follow her to the back of the restaurant.

A large screen separated this dining room from the rest of the place. It was private and had subdued lighting. Along the walls were portraits of various tian nobles, and there were bronze sconces also with elegant lit candles inside them.

A large long table filled most of the room, with comfortable seating at either end – enough for a good twenty people. On the table were places set for the exact number in Ameiko’s party, the table itself set with appetizers, fresh seafood, rolls, and other hot plates.

Across from where Ameiko and the others would sit – sat three ninja – each adorned quite differently from the other. A woman, with the Dragonspawn clan, a tian man from Emerald Eyes, and finally another, hard to tell his origin, but his affiliation bore that of the Black Lotus. The woman spoke first:

“Welcome, please be seated. We have heard that you require our services for a contract. Please eat and we can discuss.”

Ameiko took the center seat with her companions sitting on either side, the exception being Shelelu, she remained standing near the archway to this dining room keeping a keen watchful eye on these so-called ninja. Something the three ninja sitting here seemed to acknowledge and admire, they took no offense.

“We understand that we and those we represent have a common enemy,” began Nemkitu.

“What enemy would that be?” the Dragonspawn ninja asked innocently.

“The Jade Regent and his allies,” Nemiktu replied his eyes steady on hers.

She seemed surprised at the mention of this adversary but nonetheless conducted herself as she always did.

“We do not fear him, but suffice it to say he has caused a substantial rift in our activities throughout the region. Though I do not doubt what you say, understand we cannot make this decision ourselves. A fee of 100gp from you is required before we can bring your proposal to our leadership. And given the brevity of what you claim. Why would outsiders wish to help anyone here?”

Hazuki put her glass down and just blurted, “After the year of hell it took to get here? Where do I start? We were asked initially to come here and right a wrong. But we need yours and others help. The ronin of the borderlands, Hirabashi Jiro asked us to speak to you on their behalf, regarding an alliance against the Regent, or at least your non involvement on their side when hostilities should break open.”

The other representatives at the table seemed to take this all in, finally the one from Black Lotus spoke up.
“You do understand that the different clans will bid on your offer before they agree to take this contract up. But I’ve said more than I should. Finish your mean here, we will depart immediately and bring you an answer back here in twenty days hence. Do not be late.”

With that, the three stood up as once and quickly made their way out of the restaurant making nearly no noise in doing so. Enough time to head back to the borderlands and that keep and see how things were progressing with Sandru and the others.

The Shadows of Enganoka

After liberating the fortress of Seinaru Heikiko of bandits and mercenaries, Hirabashi Jiro and his ronin were able to take up residence and begin to clean up and fortify the keep. Sandru and the rest of the caravan also came inside the keep for security and to settle in as he had trade endeavors he wanted to negotiate.

The land of Minkai offered many opportunities for trade across the Crown of the World into Varisia, so it made sense that he and Koya would take the time to establish a significant trade post here with Ameiko’s new found allies.

The cliff fortress, though originally foreboding, allowed other villages to send supplies in turn for protection from the borderlands’ ronin. And a place of rest and security for the rest of the Amajitsu Scions and their friends.

With spring approaching, Jiro has set several tasks for the Scions to accomplish if they have any hope of conquering the Jade Regent and his oni allies. First, to the south, the were to travel to the trading city of Enganoka. There, they were to arrange a meeting with the heads of the three ninja clans that operate in these lands. Known as the ‘Three Monkeys’ by the populace, having them ally with those against the Jade Regent would be crucial for success.

After saying their goodbyes, Ameiko now in her new role as heir, geared herself up and headed out after her Scion companions with Shelelu in tow. The elven ranger would never let Ameiko out of her sight and though she was concerned for her safety, she was pleased that she began actively training under her for swordsmanship and battle prowess. Skills she would need in the days and months to come.

Several days in the plains gave way to rising hills filled with tall grasses, a nearby river and more smaller settlements. Most of the people carried on about their lives, not really interested in the Scions as the land seemed morbid and somewhat depressed.

Eventually the small trail leading away from the borderlands became a more pronounced road that took them to the outskirts of the city of Enganoka. Only a small wooden wall seemed to separate the inner part of the small city from the rest of the settlements, but there were garbed police guards at the gate, and a bustle of wagons and people milling about.

As Ameiko, Eolion and the others approached, they overheard that entrance into the grand trading hall, which stood a good 75 feet high, required an entrance fee of 3 silver pieces per person. So as not to tip off who they were, the group anxiously paid and walked in – but their wonder of the place was soon taken as a situation developed right in front of them.

Here at the Kuroi Yane market adorned with silk dealers, market stalls and huts, the Scions notice a well-to-do commoner haggling with a shopkeeper. Suddenly, without warning, a half-dozen police officers surround him. The shopkeeper retreats to the back of her booth, and the commoner looks visibly frightened.

One of the police asks the man," You there, are you a trader from the village of Kokomugi?" The man bows deeply and answers affirmatively, breaking into a servile grin. The officer responds, “You are a liar!” That village doesn’t exist!" The man’s eyes grow wide in horror.

Immediately, the police officers grab the poor trader and force him to his knees. The crowd moves away forming a wide circle around the scene. as one of the officers unsheathes her sword. “You are a smuggler and a spy!” cries the officer. With a swift stroke and a collective scream of the crowd, the man’s severed head rolls across the floor. No one does anything to stop the police, after swaggering through the market as people scurry away from them.

Nemitu stops a nearby passerby. “What is the meaning of all this?” he asks in a hushed voice.

The tian responds, “They are the daikan tetsuku, the governor ordered them here to put down rebellion or dissent. Your tongue will kill you before you know it. I suggest you keep your mouth closed, and your eyes to the road in front of you!”

With that he quickly pulls his tunic up around his face and stomps out of the market.

Something didn’t settle well with Nemkitu, their attitude and fighting style seemed a bit odd for humans. Placing his manacles over his eyes, his gem of true seeing revealed who these so called police really were: Kuwa Oni. Monsters with golden skin, claws, horns and other monstrous features.

He turned to Eolion and Hazuki, “They are not what they seem… these are some form of oni in human guise! I suggest we pick a fight, my blades are thirsty!”

Hazuki grinned pulling Sushien out of its scabbard. “Indeed, this one wants death to come to these fiends quickly!”

Rushing ahead, Scions pounced on these police erupting into a massive melee!

Tide of Honor Part 1
The Ronin and the Bandits

Leaving the Forest of Spirits,
the caravan reaches the edge of a vast plains. There is a river nearby that stretches across the high grass landscape. In the distance, you can see smoke from a small village and you can make out people, tilling their fields. You see no danger in front of you, and with the Oni crushed behind you and the honorable Kami in control, you feel as if you can finally breathe a little.

The road widens a bit before the worn caravan, the dirt seems compacted showing a well traveled corridor through the landscape. Excited, Sandru begins to pick the pace up ordering the horses to move to a full trot.

Ameiko seems more distant than ever, though she still laughs at Sandru’s jokes and even still takes Koya’s advice, she has a sense of apprehension about her. Though that doesn’t deter her determination to become that which her grandfather has asked. That she become Empress of these people and free them from tyranny.

It’s been nearly a year since she and the others left Sandpoint. Seems like a lifetime ago. And as the stalwart group finally enters Minkai. The gravity of the journey and the weight of what was to come was beginning to sink in on everyone.

The village nearby seemed like a good place to rest in safety and get supplies…and perhaps learn more of what was happening in Minkai in general. Only time will tell…

The Fortunate and the Damned

Running through chamber after chamber in the deepest basements in this vile Pagoda, the Scions of Amajitsu finally reached the inner sanctum of Munasukaru.

Coming across a torture chamber of sorts, Hazuki and the others found leprous humanoids bound to the walls with bite and torture marks spread throughout. They were howling and quite mad with insanity and depravity. And spread among them were humans and elves, malnourished and beaten somewhat but otherwise unharmed.

Rushing to let them out, Hazuki and Eolion reached out and unlocked them from the prisons. But their freedom was short lived.

“Wait a minute, if we let them out, they will be cut down before we can get them out of there!” exclaimed Eolion. “Not that I care what happens to these foul humans anyways.”

“What so you want to put them back into these tight cages filled with maggots and bones?” retorted Arianna. “That’s hardly fair.”

An elf that was huddled in the corner then stepped forward, holding his ripped tunic up and together, trying to feign dignity. “I lead them. I can fight. No need to place us back in there. Just give me a weapon!”

Carrying a large backpack had its benefits as Hazuki unrolled it showing a smattering of recently acquired weapons from the Withered Blossom warriors.

“They smell – but they will protect you,” Hazuki bluntly stated.

Turning, the Simian, Stryx, and others armed themselves again and trotted down the long marble covered hallway.

Finding one door that led to a library full of history and Jade gemmed items, they pocketed as much as they could and headed toward the Guard Sanctum of the Oni.

Sisters of the Broken One – once again the foul monsters were ready, But the company of Scions were too much for them, eventually a loud crackling ball of lightning finishing them off in to burning smoking ash.

The room ahead lay in front of them – and Munasukaru waiting.

Quietly peering into her chamber – Hazuki and Eolion saw an old Tian woman – talking to herself as she sat eating the crackling skin of a tortured Aranea.

Walking in, she paid no attention to the heroes until Arianna’s Blender of a raptor was upon her slicing a chunk out of her skin.

Screaming she tore out of her elderly woman skin and arose a tall disfigured Oni brandishing a large Nagaditu She took the air jumping inverted above the raptor and attempted to cut its head off.

But she faltered. She dropped the flat end of the bladed part of the weapon on to the ground and the force of it ripped through her as its thundering ability backfired. Munasukaru appeared glazed over and dazed – unable to fight back and stunned, she watched in horror as Hazuki, Tenzen and the others tore huge gashes into her stripping her armor and her flesh.

Then from the room beyond, Iuzme stepped and prepared her alchemical bomb – lovingly preparing it complete with a lavender tassle to help it sail right as she lobbed into the air, she hit the creature In a most vulnerable spot.

The effect was devastating. Its explosive and smoldering contents spilling all over her with such intensity, that a few short seconds later, there was little left of the Oni – other than a smitten ruin of a body.

Eolion quickly burned it and after retreating with the spoils of her body and the tortured souls in the guard room, the Scions headed back out to the waiting Kami and the next leg of their journey to confront the Jade Regent and restore Minkai back to the people.

...The Dogs of War
Meeting the Major-Domo of Munasakaru
Though surprised by their new companion’s ability to both entertain and destroy, Arianna was undaunted and nonetheless pulled up Tenzen off the ground rallying the others.

“We can stare at this creature or we can finish this!” she exclaimed. Her mood was particularly dour as one of the Naga’s had torn part of her boot during the combat.

Eolion shouted down from above, “The way is clear.”

Another lone stairwell with an outside waterfall led further down at the end of this cavern.

“This had better be the last hole in the water we crawl down.” Izume grumbled as she began re-organizing her alchemical bombs for was yet to be another series of battles.

As the company came down the remaining steps they found another Ogre-Mage Samurai waiting for them. He seemed to be better dressed than the others. Tattoos and strange mangled jewelry adorned his torso and neck. And this time, he was floating above the cavern lake, wearing an evil grin of sorts.

“Welcome young ones! You have made it far indeed!”

“Keep your welcome!” spat back Eolion.

“Wait! You have not yet heard my offer!”

“To burn you alive up there or dice you up into pieces?” smirked Tenzen.

“Ah neither young sorcerer! You see before you rush head long into what will be certain death for you, my master has made you all an honor bound offer.”

“I say we just kill you now,” glowered Izume folding her arms in protest.

“You see young ones – I am Ochiyo, the Messenger of Munasakaru. She has given me leave and her word to give you this offer. Should any of you turn back now. Head back into the Forest of Spirits; all of your earthly desires and pleasures will be fulfilled upon you when our Storms blanket this world.”

The Vanara made a strange noise and began whirling a large silver coconut.

“What say you? Will you become Kings unto yourselves? Or will you die here and now?”

The answer was something not able to be translated – and yet its message was quite understood – as a vicious raptor with all of its claws flew and impaled the Major-Domo.

But he was not alone unlike his predecessors. Two dark blue forms wrapped in chains began to rise from the water, their height and figure hideous beyond reason. Known as Kytons, they and the Oni of the Five Storms have had an unholy alliance for generations. And they sprang to attack!

Throwing out chains and siren calls, they began shouting with psioic powers against everyone still on shore. The scream was deafening as the hostile sound waves began to rip fabric and flesh from the Scions.

Arianna managed to get herself a few feet away and began muttering a spell of sorts. Her raptor and Eolion continue to pummel Ochiyo above the cavern waters.

The Kytons screamed yet again, bringing Hazuki to her knees and clouding her judgment. Arianna then made her move, coming out of cover she waved her hands shouting an ancient slew of words than penetrated time and space

“Rios- Da Tore – Q’T-ish Sa hiaarrr!”

A strange portal of purple and blackness opened behind each of the Kytons. Some kind of dimensional rift. Its sprang tentacles made of pure force grabbed and bound the Kytons even forcing their chains back upon themselves. Screaming upwards from the force of the portal – they rained rock from above down on themselves as the banishment spell ripped from this world and into another.

The threat all but gone – Tenzen sailed another terrifying electrical ball of death at the Ogre-mage while Arianna and her raptor finished the job ripping his torso in two. His entrails now falling out of the air into the murky water below.

“I don’t know who this Munasakaru is…but she’s pissed off the wrong Summoner,” Izume retorted.

Flying over the rest of the cavern – the Scions have now made it to a dry stone floor. There was little time to rest. The danger here was too real – and too close. Over the next two hours – the heroes of Amajitsu will either vanquish this Oni or condemn Minkai and all of Golarion to darkness and enslavement. Forever.

Unto the Breach...
The Chosen of Munasukaru

The battles have begun to weigh heavily on the Scions. With a host of Withered Blossom warriors dead behind them, the heroes have run through darkened corridors and treacherous caverns with deep torrid waterfalls and rivers, each containing their own horrors.

Running through a slew of hill giants and more warriors, Eiolion, Arianna and the others made it down a long winding stairway – some hundred feet past demon etched walls and transfigured souls. The waterfall above loud and pounding below them into another deep chasm.

As they reached the bottom of the stair – a wide lake with small islands jetted about before them.

It was the vanara that noticed it first, doing flips and pointing toward something distant in the waters. Hazuki and Eolion saw it next. Something slithering toward them in the dark torrid waters ahead.

“I thought you said these things talk!” screamed Izume as she pointed back at the monkey like companion that had recently joined them. But the slithering in the water became a blitz, and without thinking she took to the air with Eolion as a pair of nagas jumped out of the water!

Large snake like beasts with the heads of hideous women (probably those shunned and cursed at during high school), they coiled and as one of them blinked slowly – a large explosive ball of fire erupted behind everyone singing more than a few hairs!

Hazuki stood toe to toe with one of them, as Arianna’s fearless raptor dove in from above and performed a devastating attack along it’s spine. Cold flesh and black oozing blood pouring forth and spurting on those near it.

“Nice!” exclaimed Iuzme “Can’t we ever kill these things without ruining my clothes!”
“You drop bombs of chemicals and worse on things and your complaining about blood spurts?!” Arianna spat back.

Kneeling, Hazuki swung Suishen high above and tore into the naga’s nearby sister. But the attack didn’t press home far enough though it left the naga remarkably confused.

Swaying it’s head back and forth it gazed back at Hazuki charming her. Thinking, the Chosen Naga had the upper hand, it laughed maniacally at everyone scheming to use Hazuki to attack others..

Jumping from Iuzme’s shoulders, grabbing then right breast of Arianna – then giggling to himself seemingly, the Varana, then "slid between Hazuki’s legs and shouted something incomprehensible.

“Ooo aahhhhh eeeee ahhhh!!!”

A large snapping of joints and spurs began to overwhelm the ears of everyone as the remaining Naga’s spine erupted from its body then splintered in a crackling withering explosion everywhere.

With everyone’s jaws and eyes open, the monkey-like Vanara merely looked back and said " Ooooh!"

More to come.

Acrobats and Flaming Snot...

Still confined within a gatehouse of sorts deep underground, the heroes thought that they had everything under control – until they were further boxed in by two Huge Water Elemental guardians and a horde of Withered Blossom Warriors…

“I don’t know if I have anything left!” screamed Hazuki as she wielded Sushen furiously back and forth against the towering water elemental.

“Yes you do!” exclaimed Izume “As soon as I can get out of this, I’ll throw you a potion that will heal your wounds!” She herself desperately trying to avoid standing toe to toe with the Hobgoblin ninja freaks.

But things were not going well for Hazuki – or the rest of them for that matter. After Tenzen destroyed the bulk of the remaining warriors with a well timed ball of electrical energy, he fell to the ground as he was slammed by a nearby water elemental – breaking his back and finally killing him.

And time was running out for everyone.

Sidestepping a Blossom Warrior above him – Izume managed to break free long enough to fish a health potion out of that bloody belt pouch of hers.

The roar of the water elementals was near deafening. “Okay!” she screamed to Hazuki, still flailing against an elemental.

“Okay what?! You better have something, I’ve already started to see stars in front of me!”

“Look you’re going to have to gulp this in the air! I can’t get next to you…..so open that damn mouth of yours when I tell you!”

“This better not be one of your ridiculous insults or I swear…”

“Alright! Watch for it!” as Izume took a quick glance at the situation, she quickly popped the cork of the cure potion and lobbed it up in probably the best arc she had ever thrown.

“Look up…….NOW!”

Hazuki using her feet more and instinctively avoiding swings from the Elemental, she glanced upward just as the flask turned downward pouring its healing properties into her throat and a bit on the rest of her face.

Feeling immensely satisfied, Izume began to turn her attention to bombing these monstrosities with her usual concoctions of doom. But the glee didn’t last very long.

The roar of the water elemental became so loud that for instant all Izume could hear was that, followed by a muffled scream.

Tossed asunder, Hazuki had sustained a massive blow to her head, taking her to the ground near death.

Nemkitu already dead from his fight with the House Warriors, Izume and Eolion had to work together to fell these creatures before it was too late…

With the hobgoblins finally dead, Izume summoned what bravery she had left and floated towards both elementals, Eolion looking on.

“Are you trying to get yourself killed?! We need to re-group!” he shouted as he tossed a hobgoblin femur he had ripped off of one and threw it into the nearby lake.

“No time! If we don’t hold here we never will! I have an idea!”

“Great let’s hope they involve killing these two!”

Izume began to glow with a sunrise orange aura – heat began to flow off of her- searing heat. Her innate ability transformed her leggings to that of a grass skirt from some tropical island. Magical fire danced around it sending embers into both elementals as she floated in between them provoking them into trying to slam her.

And naturally they did. Both of them catching a little fire in the process.

“Ummm, I was expecting something a little more LETHAL!” exclaimed Eolion.

“Wait for it!” Turning around – her face contorted – her nose elongated slightly and suddenly spewing foul smoke and ash.

Then it happened.

The roar of the water elementals was silenced as a sound the likes of which the Titans of old have not heard in millennia.

Izume sneezed.

A spray for ash and fire globules erupted from her magically enhanced nose pitting both elementals. As the flaming mucus erupted inside them – it dried what little lifeforce was left in them – and then ultimately turned them to puddles on the stone cobbled floor.

Eoline just floated there….blinking.

“I don’t wanna know what that was….” Then appearing indifferent. “That better not be catching! I better go and find some help.” and then looking back at Izume “Well done…but ew.” and flew off to the ground floor of the pagoda to fetch Koya and help resurrect the fallen companions.

As the winged barbarian took to the air, Izume slowly floated back to the ground, and snatching a purple handkerchief from her tunic, she wiped her nose as it reformed back to normal whispering to herself in a quiet voice:

“Excuse me.”


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