Jade Regent

And Then....

When Yeti’s Attack!

Having found the Path of Spirits, Sandru’s caravan finally made it past the Morozkos and delved underneath the mountains. Though their path was blocked by undead guardians of battles long since past, the Heroes of Sandpoint made it past them, defeating a Revenant and its Greater Shadow ally, finally moving into the fabled Necropolis.

But straight and narrow never did well with the likes of Nemkitu. He took the party through the rocky interior cliff side and found several families of Yeti waiting for him. AND THEN…using the frozen beasts as fodder, he brutally experimented on their carcasses for backstabbing techniques. Satisfied that large dumb wailing targets make for good blade practice, he wiped his blade with zeal while Tenzen unloaded fireballs that melted the furballs to ash.

Arianna got her fun in also. She sent her crazy flying horned raptor – who until recently was rather lack luster – finally came into his own as he viciously chopped, scraped, mutilated and ate a Yeti to death. He was having so much fun, he failed to realize his enemy had fallen and couldn’t help but continue to rip him to shreds.

No Weiner dogs were hurt during the production of this past weekend’s gaming
Pathfinder Humane Society.



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