Jade Regent

Frozen Rest

With the Storm Sphere destroyed and Katiyana as well, the caravan is relieved to be enjoying a day without relentless wind and snow barreling at them. The destruction of the Sphere drew in the polar sunlight and calm winds. No clouds in the sky, visibility stretching to the horizon. And slew of heroes very much needing sleep and food.

Sandru, Ameiko and Shelelu were quick to meet the PCs – bringing the caravan to them to reduce the time to walk back to where they were. Even Ulf got off his lead horse team to help bring Hazuki directly to Koya. Her ministrations were needed now more than ever. Sandru appeared in shock at seeing the woman warrior silent and still as she was carried over to Koya’s wagon. Indeed the rest of the caravan’s passengers were quick to jump down and help everyone get on board the caravan and head to relative shelter near the base of a nearby mountain.

Koya wasted no time, speaking to her god Desnu, she prayed hard and long, setting up ritual and candles and a LOT of incense. Finally achieving the conduit to the other side, she reached out to Hazuki who was still traveling the road of destinies. Puzzled, Hazuki responded.

“Hello? I know your voice!” Hazuki called upward.

“Yes my child you do know me,” replied Koyu. “As do many others who love you.”
“Am I….Is this death?” Hazuki cautiously asked.

“Death has already happened, young one. You are crossing worlds just now. But you do not have to. There is much to do still in this world if you choose to come back to it.” Koya began concentrating harder.

“Come back to it….Hell yeah I wanna get the bitch that did this to me!” Hazuki exclaimed.

“Very well, my child. Do you see the blue intense light behind you? Do you feel the warmth?”
“Then walk toward it, Hazuki. And rejoin the living!”
“I will! Oh Koya! The Belt! The belt I am wearing! It’s cursed! Can you remove it?”
“I already have. Now hurry back! The portal won’t stay open much longer!”

Surrounded by campfire light and blankets and a few eyes staring at her, Hazuki woke up with a gasp. Sandru was behind her and lent a soft hand to her face- she jerked but then recognized his worn knuckles against her cheek sighing "maybe we can do more than share a meal? she meekly asked.

“All in good time, my love.” as he winked back at her softly.



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