Jade Regent

Kitayana - Sithud's Agent of Storms


Desperate, tired and overspent from attacking this particular tower within the Nameless Peaks, the party finally made it to the top of the Storm Tower only to be matched by the raw power of the Murkozos Storms and of course, Kitayana herself.

Floating above a platform that itself was floating 50 feet above the party, The agent of Sithud, rained down unholy blight and other dark magicks unto the waiting heroes below. However, feeling emboldened, the PCs surrounded by a Freedom of Movement spell effect, managed to get in close to the transformed sylph and attack her directly.

But, things didn’t go that way. As the party closed in – Kitayana unleashed a greater command spell, with most of the group failing to overcome the spell mentally, they succumbed and tosssed themselves off of the tower – some 210 feet – to their death or severe injury.

Flailing, activating a ring in one case, and otherwise using the wind to lighten the fall — those than were “ordered” off the tower recovered in the wind blown snow below.

With a few of their friends still in peril above, the surivors must decide to risk going up and rescuing their compatriots now – or retreating and getting help – knowing that may never see their friends again…



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