Jade Regent

Ninjas, Kami and Giants....Oh My!

The warm fires, spectacular fireworks and great food and people of the City at the Edge of the World seemed a fitting end to a week filled with strange feasts coupled with feats of skill and daring. As promised the Prince opened his best wares and markets to the adventurers near the great lake at the south end of the city.

A huge parade carrying a puppets, a dragon filled with candles and more strode down the main drag of the city, while people of all ages came out to meet the new strangers, and offer them charms of all kinds, more food than they could possibly eat and offer stories and fortunes to those that kept an open mind.

The relative ease of the evening, however, ended with fierce battle. A full squad of well armed ninjas came running at the Amatitsu Scions at full speed along the roof tops of the city. Nemkitu’s watchful eye and a few others caught sight of them out of the corner of their eyes – but it was barely enough warning to raise swords and bows.

It was only after the first couple of engagements did the people in the city realize what was happening: the strangers had angered the Five Storms.

They began running in all directions while the ninjas pressed their attack home. The Prince, sequestered in his palace, got word of it all and immediately sent guards to seal the city, along with orders to cast out his new favorite strangers.

With so many opponents it seemed there would be no end in sight for the heroes, were it not for a well dressed Tian woman who seemed to appear out of no where and began attacking the ninjas closest to the company.

Jumping off of totem poles and making acrobatic leaps through enemy fire, she managed to peg two of the ninjas with well placed arrows. Buying time for the adventures to regroup and begin to take them down with extreme prejudice.

The battle was won shortly there after, but no time to take stalk on what they fought or why. Miyaro introduced herself as an ally and guide, and hasted the heroes out of the city within minutes of the battle finishing.

Walking quickly into the dark, the snow still falling, she explained that she and her allies are opposed to the Five Storms and will make every effort to help the Scions reach the capital. Along the way explaining that her allies were spirits called Kami that dwell in living things as well as inanimate objects – their objective – to restore the balance by restoring the escaped Oni back to their prison within the House of Withered Blossoms… a large pagoda mansion that also serves as a fortress prison to those within.

After meeting their first kami along the way, the caravan continued through the snow and cold of the forest, and at one point had to take on three Stone Giant brothers that decided to play target practice with the would be saviors of Minkai.

But Hazuki, Ezme, Tenzen and the others made short work of the giants, allowing the caravan to continue toward this prison house and meet their next challenge…



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