Jade Regent

The Empty Throne

After a harrowing ride to get back the Keep of the Ronin – a defacto name for this restored fortress, Ameiko and Koya were gathered with Imperial statesmen and women for etiquette training and other things that life at court is supposed to be. After all she had run away from all of this her whole life and knew nothing .

Regardless, to see people of all walks of life actually scrubbing the walls and the streets of the fortress and its outlying hamlets was a sight to see. Word had indeed spread that the Heir has come forth and was right there among them. All over the countryside, all manner of people came to bear witness to her Eminence, and beseach her with requests and gifts for the journey she has yet to take will be her most dangerous yet.

However, she is not without experience. Ameiko has seen death and life all too close now and she was ready to end the cycle of despair and misery. These lands and these people had paid a heavy price and she was resolute to not allow this continue any longer. The time had come to bring the full force of the free peoples of MInkai to the capital and bring down forever this so-called Jade Regent!



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