Jade Regent

The Scions vs the 3-Eyed Oni

An Alliance forms...

Having retrieved the Geisha and defeated the tyrannical governor Sennaka, Ameiko, Hazuki, Eolion, Nemkitu, and the others hit the road back to the keep they liberated in the northeastern province of Minkai.

A lot of work had been done over the course of the last three months. The foliage has been cut away from the stone walls and battlements, replaced by scaffolding and tireless workers repairing and building new walls and towers.

The front gate, which was blown away from a ward Shilirana had cast, had been rebuilt along with formidable metal spikes that jutted out.

But the real work was inside. Inside the keep cobblestone replaced sand and mud. A new three story Inn and Tavern stood near the back of the keep with a full stables. A large observation tower that overlooked the keep and the surround as well as the sea behind it, had begun to go up. Eolion smiled as his plans and ingenuity went a long way toward his own endeavor.

Shilirana’s hope for bringing health and faith to the community was realized as her temple to her deity and an infirmary were full and well tended by a few acolytes and nurses.

Forges and anvils were hard at work in Hazuki’s new Armory, as the steam of masterwork quality weapons filled the air nearby. Her chosen manager to run things while she was away, Yoshi, already well liked volunteered to repair other items for his fellow villagers beyond weapons. Time pieces, shoes, even some pottery were all welcome at the new armory.

Everyone was doing their part to make this place not only a fortress, but a home as well.

And a home worth defending, because as Ameiko and the others reached the Keep, word came that an army of soldiers and large Oni were on their way to sack the keep and kill the heir to the crown and her friends at any cost.

This time there would be no more running. This time, either the enemies of the true Heir to Minkai would fall, or they would….

(To be continued…)



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