Jade Regent

The Turtle and the Geisha

Using the Inro they acquired back at the Tea House, the Scions and their allies managed to decipher it and summon an elder Turtle Kappa, who had knowledge of what happened to the Geisha and this strange man she went somehow was coerced to go with.

It indicated a path of sorts to navigate a sort of Shadow Maze that was located on an island where this wizard was located. Once inside, they fought strange creatures and teleport traps – one of which was a mirror trap. Using the inro, Hazuki and the others scouted the corridors looking for the correct order to travel without triggering a trap. Eventually they came upon a room holding the Geisha and one other… presumably her mother. Their bodies lifeless yet alive. Behind them, a statue with 8 arms sat foreboding the room.

Suddenly, without warning, a cloud of dark smoke began to fill the room. It grew darker and darker – eventually it coalesced into a strange panther like creature – and it attacked the party!



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