Jade Regent

Tide of Honor Part 1

The Ronin and the Bandits

Leaving the Forest of Spirits,
the caravan reaches the edge of a vast plains. There is a river nearby that stretches across the high grass landscape. In the distance, you can see smoke from a small village and you can make out people, tilling their fields. You see no danger in front of you, and with the Oni crushed behind you and the honorable Kami in control, you feel as if you can finally breathe a little.

The road widens a bit before the worn caravan, the dirt seems compacted showing a well traveled corridor through the landscape. Excited, Sandru begins to pick the pace up ordering the horses to move to a full trot.

Ameiko seems more distant than ever, though she still laughs at Sandru’s jokes and even still takes Koya’s advice, she has a sense of apprehension about her. Though that doesn’t deter her determination to become that which her grandfather has asked. That she become Empress of these people and free them from tyranny.

It’s been nearly a year since she and the others left Sandpoint. Seems like a lifetime ago. And as the stalwart group finally enters Minkai. The gravity of the journey and the weight of what was to come was beginning to sink in on everyone.

The village nearby seemed like a good place to rest in safety and get supplies…and perhaps learn more of what was happening in Minkai in general. Only time will tell…



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