Jade Regent

Blessings and Tactics

I am the Chosen One

As very cliche has it sounded, Ameiko thought to herself, she is the Chosen One to ascend to the throne of Minkai. And she was comfortable with that. In her heart she was a builder, a unify-er of peoples. She did it Sandpoint all those years ago after the first goblin invasion nearly burned the town down. Then again her families lost shipwreck was discovered and a 2nd goblin incursion was thwarted by Shelelu and her allies.

It all seemed so long ago. Putting away her lute, she sheathed Shushien and followed the archon Amatatsu ancestor to the Celestial Hal to begin to ask for the remaining three families blessings.

Shiguru had given his as well as the angel archon, now with the evil of the island washed away, she could commune in peace before heading back to the palace.

“There’s smoke outside the southern gates!,” squawked Eolion has he landed back on the stern of the boat coasting its way into Kasai harbor.

“How bad is it?” asked Namkitu as he looked up, but not taking his Kitsune claws off of his daggers, making sure they were proper and ready for a fight.

Eolion folded his wings behind him, securing his great axe against his back. “Thousands. The Typhoon guards I could see have all met the army at the gates and outer walls. It would appear this samurai has brought all of Ameiko’s new friends!”

Shelelu met them at the docks, her elegant longbow still glistening from magical flame, was his in her left hand’s grip. But if she was fatigued – there was no sign of it on the ranger’s face.

“I am here to take you to Isoh’s home immediately. We have very little time to end this!”
She took Ameiko’s hand and led her straight away to the near empty streets of Kasai, the Scions near running behind her.

In the distance , large magical explosions could be heard blasting away flesh, bone and stone as the Oni tried their best to keep back the storm of insurrection.

Ameiko looked back at Namkitu “See? Storming the palace is probably a good idea!”

The Kitsune only flashed a sarcastic grin back at her as they rounded a corner and made their way to Isoh’s estate home against a canal bank. Yes-shing was already in the air keeping a keen eye on the Oni at flew. “Nothing that ugly and big should be able to fly that easily,” she muttered to herself.

If we make it through the night, Namkitu thought, perhaps all of this will still be profitable!



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