Jade Regent

The Imperial Shrine

Cleansing the Well

Not needing ropes for the past year or so seemed strange but Ameiko has grown accustomed to having Sushien do it for her using it’s air walk ability. The Amatatsu ancestor that was inside Sushien has been restless ever since Ameiko set foot on this island. An island that was out of phase with the rest of the known world. Where incredibly strange creatures and stranger still, spirits ran amok everywhere. Heck, she even spoke to a ghost!

None of this could have been expected when she decided to go on this expedition to see about retaking her family’s name and honor. The idea of leading anyone was absolutely out of the question some years ago. And she was happy running the Rusty Dragon Tavern in Sandpoint. But unfortuately or fortunately depending on how you look at it, boredom has its limits.

By the time Shelelu, Sandru and her new friends arrived that evening to tell her that her family seal had been found, she knew it was time to leave. Probably for good. She could have never imagined her friends going with her, letting alone staying with her in this fantastically foreign land for as long as they have. Swearing an oath to a sightless spirit of old, and trekking across dangerous and foreboding wilderness and mountains.’

No, this adventure had become much more than that. It had become destiny. Having seen her people suffer at the hands of the self proclaimed Jade Regent was enough to keep her angry and motivated.

But the end was near, flying down to the lower caverns with her friends, the waters appeared sickly, and strange shadows danced underneath the surface of the lake. Unsheathing Sushien in one hand and un-slinging her trusted lute in the other, the time had come once again, to sing and perform her way into battle, and see these evil things die once and for all!



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