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Pathfinder Adventure Path Jade Regent

Return of the Jade Empress

The time has come. With the defeat of the Jade Regent’s guardians on the island shrine, the Scions of Amatatsu have returned to Kasai to attack the Regent and his remaining horde directly. While Hirabashi and his army storm the city walls, Ameiko, Namkitu and the others have infiltrated the Imperial Palace, defeated some dangerous oni guards, defeated traps that would kill all but the most worthy of adventurers, and destroyed a master sensei Oni and his Iron Monk followers. Oh yes…subdued a sovereign imperial dragon and took the remaining 4 Imperial Family seals to fight against the Jade Regent!

The final battles begin and the close of this 4 year long Pathfinder Adventure Path concludes next week! Will the heroes of Minkai finish what they started? On June 4th we find out!

Next Game Session
Saturday, June 4th 2016
11:00pm – 6:00pm
Mike Chamness’ house
10514 Cresto DelSol Circle, Orlando FL

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